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What Does The Customer Say?

TomsMyNickName from : Queens, NY

I just started learning how to skate, but these shoes were really cool. They had a nice color and I liked them a lot. The only thing I would say is that the shoes are heavy, which is good for skating but bad for casual walking. Also, the fabric lining inside of the shoe started coming off, making it look ugly from the inside when I took them off.

B-rad from : Colorado

I went into the store and saw these shoes and knew immediately that those were the shoes I wanted, I bought a charcoal gum or something, but the gum bottoms (brown) do not last, I've had many vans before with the regular white bottoms that have lasted me a long time and still don't have any holes on the bottom, but these I've had for just over a month and have large holes and both toe and heel. Great comfortable shoe, go with white bottoms.

Johnny Bananas from : Philly, PA

This is my Second Pair of Chukka Lows an I think it's safe to say that I found the perfect shoe for me. They NEED to make more Color Lines though. Also, you CANNOT find Vans shoe laces anywhere if your white ones get dirty. They NEED to start selling their shoe laces online! Chukka Lows are Classic, Comfy, and a Perfect Shoe All Around! Go Get a Pair Now!

Loaded Rider from : Montreal, Qc, Canada

I use my shoes for longboarding and casual wear and I love them so much that I will re-buy them ! because there's a hole under my shoes ... it's my fault not the fault of the shoes because I was a noob at longboarding when I buy them and I was always breaking whit my foot rubbing on the asphalt ! The things I will never do again ... But I love them and I love them ... and .... I love them :D

Mltowell from : Portland, Oregon

This is that last pair of Vans I will ever purchase and I will discourage each person I know who wears them, to find a different shoe company. I have been wearing their shoes for over 15 years with no issues until this pair. Within 2 weeks of purchasing these shoes they developed a tear starting at the Toe Cap along the inner side of the right shoe that goes almost to the heel reinforcement. I have only worn these shoes to walk in, I haven't skated in them and otherwise they are in good shape. I contacted their customer service who directed me to an outside "warranty processing center" who refused to provide any type of RMA# or internal tracking and expect me to send my shoes back with a 14-21 day turn around. To me this is unacceptable because it removes ANY accountability from the outside agency and from Vans itself if they never get returned to me. I am currently out [$] for a pair of shoes that stayed together for literally 2 weeks, thanks but never again Vans.


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