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What Does The Customer Say?

Jrb from : Boston, MA

These shoes are great, except for the fact that they suck. I've been skating in these for around two weeks now, a couple hours a day. I'm a beginner-intermediate skater, so it's not like I've been beating on them too hard. They've torn on top, worn holes on the side, and the sole has been ground down by the grip tape significantly. My grip isn't the problem, since I've had other shoes that held up just fine. These are comfortable shoes, and great for casual wear, but don't buy them to skate in. At least not in canvas.

J Dizzle from : Sacramento, CA

I have probably 7 or 8 pairs of chukka lows, they are my favorite pair of shoes that Vans makes. Tons of colors and they work well with jeans or shorts, and are comfortable for even long walks, I don't skate in them, but i love these shoes. About to order my 3rd pair of white ones in about 2 years.

Noah Geeslin from : Oxford, MS

I ride bmx and have had these shoes for 2 weeks now. They're very comfortable and I really like how much grip they have. The only problem is last night when I was riding, I simply put my foot down and the top of the shoe ripped apart.

MackinZackin from : Round Hill, VA

I wear these daily at school. They wear well and feel really comfortable right out of the box. These are fantastic for longboarding as you get good board feel. I've heard they tear easily for regular skating so I'd look elsewhere if you're a hardcore skater although if you do skate you should be used to buying a lot of shoes. That's just how the sport is. Stop reading this and buy yourself a pair. Seriously.

Mickey from : Alexandria, Egypt.

I wear these pair everyday but they got worn out pretty quickly relative to my other two year-old pair of vans, but they look pretty good even after they got worn out. Things that are great about this shoe that it's stylish and comfortable, but the downside to all of this is that it got worn out pretty good without skating with them once.

Fornicus from : Northern New York

I wore my Chukkas for nearly a year daily, for non-athletic use only. They were in very good condition until I started wearing them to work, which is an 8-hour outdoor job. They are still in good condition, only faded. Therefore, they are extremely reliable shoes. Highly recommended.

Flynn from : UConn Country, CT

About to buy my 3rd pair. Super comfortable, looks great, perfect for skating. Heel starts to pull off after a few months, I blame it on foot braking and bailing at speed but a bunch of other people have had the same complaint. doesn't really make a difference in wear ability though, I don't think I've ever had a problem with water or anything getting in.


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